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Computer Art

Rubins is the creator of a very specific expression. He puts his characters in an imaginary, fantasy scenographies of great depths and significance. Building upon experience of Surrealism and Esoteric art, he is creating a compositions of great power and expressiveness. His digital artworks, a category on its own, are evolving supreme values expressed in Surrealism. The Sphere of Rubins Computer art is focused on Surrealistic and Ethical concept, combining a variety of levels. The result is graphically complex scenography, saturated with rich narrative elements, enhanced by a myriad of details, extending into infinite horizons. Rubins, as the director of his own imagination, attempts to combine many sophisticated planes in one harmonious world ...

Mixed Media

The space and time in which Rubins began to create his own narratives in pictures, reaches far back in time, living only as a blurred memory. Periods of incomprehensible fears, brave ideas, followed by non grounded idealism, which was often blocked by society that feeds on Totalitarianism. Through Mixed Media paintings, he was gradually constructing his plan of liberation. Regarding the final product, Rubins Surrealistic Mixed Media paintings, there is a sense of reaching the final borders of imaginary worlds. All artworks are the result of a long, solitude and patient work. They will open you to the artist entirely personal, deep meditative perception of the world ...

Digital Collage

Rubins Art of Digital Collage, implemented in cooperation with international group exhibitions, that conceptually overlap in the category of Digital Collage. The primary act of defiance, results in the impressive constructs, following by the authentic experience. Projects are, therefore in permanent process of transformation. Although there are enough reasons for rebellion, the compositions are made in complete solitude, with help of his unique scale of adoration. First, there is soil and air, then water and fire, lastly, the constructs of acquisitive mental flows. It is of paramount importance and intention, not to harm anyone ...



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