Computer Generated Art

Rubins is the creator of a very specific expression. He puts his characters in an imaginary, fantasy scenographies of great depths and significance. Building upon experience of Surrealism and Esoteric art, he is creating a compositions of great power and expressiveness. His digital artworks, a category on its own, are evolving supreme values expressed in Surrealism. The Sphere of Rubins Computer art is focused on Surrealistic or Esoteric concept, combining a variety of levels. The result is graphically complex scenography, saturated with rich narrative elements, enhanced by a myriad of details, extending into infinite horizons. Rubins, is the director of his own imagination, attempting to combine many sophisticated planes in one harmonious world.

Interested in buying high-quality prints, or original mixed media paintings?

All artworks, found on this website – Mixed media paintings, Fine Art Prints, Prints on Canvas – are available for purchase at our shop. Signed and numbered Fine Art prints in different sizes up to 100 x 80 cm. Printed as Photo UV (glossy), Inkjet prints (matte) or Prints on Canvas (art canvas is the best option)Size of files at our shop: up to 8000 pixels long side.

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