Art of Digital Collage

The Sphere of Rubins Art

Rubins creations show the joy, sadness and hope of a transient man in the world of potential. Rubins Computer Graphics, Mixed Media Paintings and Digital Collages are extremely challenging for today’s audience, because of his unusual visualizations as compared to the existing artistic guidelines of Surrealism. The content mixes in an unusual and original way. Through the invocation of archetypes, the basic concept of scenography is manifested. Rubins aim is to use whatever medium, where concepts are interwoven to the deep symbolic meaning of fantastic landscapes. 
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Art of Digital Collage

Composing Digital Scenography

Conceptual digital collage scenography are reflections of timelessness in time. Rubins is basically a ” worshiper of roots and things above the clouds”, rather than an active member of society and its rites. He often appears as a compromise maker, who is acting socially critical, but he does not maintain a static image of his identity. Although not asocial, the world leaves him indifferent and that is frightening him. He is persistently creating new art, that nevertheless speaks and cries out to the vanishing world
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Art of Digital Collage

The Painters Credo

Rubins first series of artworks, reaches far back in time, living only as a blurred memory. A space of incomprehensible fears, brave ideas followed by idealism, frequently blocked by a society that feeds on Totalitarianism. Soon he discovered his first great liberation: a strong affection for the worlds on the other side, beyond the boundaries of known and safe. Through pictures in mixed media, he was gradually constructing his courageous quest. There wasn’t much left, but Utopian-ism to which, the artist has been entirety faithful, until today. 
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