The Sphere of Rubins Art

Building upon Surrealism and Esoterism, compositions of great power and expression are created

Computer graphics

Area of Computer graphics is focused on a concept of combining Cosmic and Earthly levels

Mixed Media paintings

Through Mixed Media paintings, artist was gradually constructing his quest of liberation

Digital Collage compositions

Director of his own imagination attempting to unite many sophisticated levels in one harmonious world


Time Traveling from Surreal Paintings to Digital Art…

A treatise on the Ordinary Man – Part I.

Rubins Computer Graphics, Mixed Media Paintings and Digital Collages are extremely challenging for today’s audience. First, because of his unusual visualizations as compared to the existing artistic guidelines of Surrealism. As for the contents, intimate iconography mixes with the traditional iconography in an unusual and original way. As for his response to the tempting beauty of trumpery, capricious citing of history and fantastic assemblings, Rubins is close to Surrealistic classicism, as for perfected formalism he is close to Hyperrealism.

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Artist concepts are interwoven with rich significations of dreams in abundant and deep symbolic meaning of fantastic landscapes. Through the invocation of the archetypes, evocation or alchemical union, the basic concept of scenography is manifested. Celestial architectures are exact sceneries extending in space within the Renaissance horizon. Rubins is a director of his own imagination, when uniting different worlds in one harmonious world, where existing elements do not present a hindrance, on the contrary, he uses them in a fantastic scenery of his own making. His artworks are a Silent Scream of the Spirit, with aesthetic poses never really dreadful, but rather a magical sinking into depths of existence. Rubins freely changes mediums, the traditional paintbrush, or computer brushes, represent manual intermedium, not of the central importance. The author’s aim is to use whatever medium, from photographic collage, acrylic, computer graphics or combination of any of these techniques, it is merely the means to present and express the rich inner experience of the artist.

Rubins creations show the joy, sadness and hope of a transient man in the world of potential. He still creates and what he creates looks good to many. Though his inner world has not yet given him enough courage to face the world, therefore, using the imaginary tools is of vital importance to him. Nevertheless, he lives merely that, what wants to express by itself, tries to transform him and save him from the burden to be someone else. Rubins is aware that, to be born, live and die is the ultimate adventure! The unique experience, happening to all equally. And thank goodness, that it happens! He feels endless gratitude, but considers living day by day, as only a rough sketch for something more intense and more vast in the oncoming future. Wishing to be at the right place, when this world quietly awaits his rebirth! He concludes, that there lies a solution …

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