Digital Collage Compositions

Rubins Art of Digital Collage, implemented in cooperation with international group exhibitions, that conceptually overlap in the category of Digital Collage. The primary act of defiance, results in the impressive constructs,  following by the authentic experience. Projects are, therefore in permanent process of transformation. Although there are enough reasons for rebellion, the compositions are made  in complete solitude, with help of his unique scale of adoration. First, there is soil and air, then water and fire, lastly, the constructs of  acquisitive mental flows. It is of paramount importance and intention, not to harm anyone.

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All artworks, found on this website – Mixed media paintings, Fine Art Prints, Prints on Canvas – are available for purchase at our shop. Signed and numbered Fine Art prints in different sizes up to 100 x 80 cm. Printed as Photo UV (glossy), Inkjet prints (matte) or Prints on Canvas (art canvas is the best option)Size of files at our shop: up to 8000 pixels long side.

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