Digital Artwork

Surrealistic Imaginative Art and Digital Scenography
Art of Digital Collage

Computer Generated Art

Imaginary Art is a creative field of very specific expression. The art that falls into this category is presented through imaginary, fantasy compositions of  great power and significance. The scenography of mystical depths is build upon the experience of Surrealism and Esotericism. The artists generate Visionary Digital Artworks, out of the fragments that are reflecting through deep introspection. Rubins Sphere of Computer Art is focused on integrating Cosmic Intelligence in the majority of images. Imaginative persons like Rubins are directors of their own imagination when attempting to combine many sophisticated levels into one harmonious world.

Art of Digital Collage

Imaginary Scenography

Digital Scenography was implemented in cooperation with various artists who were influenced by the group’s international exhibitions, that conceptually overlap the category of Digital Art. Although there where enough reasons for despair, the imaginary-conceptual scenography was consistently built and upgraded, with the sole purpose of raising public awareness. The primary actions of defiance results in the impressive constructs that crave after the authentic experience. The Sphere of Imaginary thus becomes changeable Reality Powered by the Imagination, therefore it is in the permanent process of metamorphosis. Digitally generated scenography is the crying out communication of the vanishing world.

Art of Digital Collage

Surreal Paintings

The space and time in which the Imaginary Surreal Art compositions in the form of narratives pictures, began to emerge, reaches far back in time, living only as a blurred memory. It was a period of incomprehensible fears, followed by fanatical idealism, which was often misunderstood or blocked by the society that was feed out of Totalitarianism. Through mixed media painting technique, artists like Rubins were gradually constructing their quest for liberation. Regarding the final result, categorized as surreal art, there was a sense of reaching the endless border of spiritual worlds. The majority of Rubins artworks are the result of a long, solitude and patient work. They will open the visitor to the artist deep contemplative perception of the world.

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