Digital Artwork

Creations with Deliberate Emphasis on Metaphysics Esoteric and Exoteric Phenomena

The Quintessence of DigitalArtwork Association

Art of Digital Collage


The art of Rubins is a creative field of a very specific expression. Digital scenography recaptures mystical depths, build-out of significant life lessons, and in the form of comprehensive practices in the field of Theosophy. Creations are presented through imaginary, fantasy compositions of great power and significance, which generally falls into the category of Surrealism. Artworks are created out of the fragments that are reflected through deep introspection. Rubins imagination sphere focuses primarily on the integration of metaphysical and exoteric phenomena into the majority of images. In this storyline, Rubins is a director of his own imagination, when attempting to combine many sophisticated levels into one harmonious creation.

Art of Digital Collage

The Manifesto

Even though Digital Artwork Association avoids the status of the association on the physical location, it is nevertheless imaginary or visionary theorization. First of all, it emphasizes great importance to Surreal, Imaginary and Transcendent, under the circumstances, which are powered by the Immanent Omnipresent Spirit — a.k.a. the Ultimate Dreamer, to which, all space and time events and incidents in this world, are submerged. Digital Artwork Association is a reflection and response of modern time, to relentless frequencies produced by the electrified digital world, as it is totally and unavoidably, captured and embedded in the global nexus. Our primary activism is, first of all, the outcome and consequence of well-optimized hardware and its renderings.

Art of Digital Collage

Time Traveling

The beginnings of Digital Artwork Assoc. is reaching far back in time, to a period prior to the Eastern EU disintegration. Emerging back in the eighties in the performances of a multimedia collective, consisting of various artists, experimenting in the area of modern expressionism and ritualistic music. Early works were triggered by reactions to many weird spiritual and social events in the past millennium. Rather than pursuing high-ambition goals, the obscure and trivial constructs were the only option. Rather than resistance, the surreal and imaginary was a conscious decision towards liberation. The majority of artworks are the result of long, solitude and patient work. They will bring visitors closer to the community of deep contemplative perceptions of the world.

Art of Digital Collage

Digital Scenography

The concept of Digital Scenography was implemented in some of the commissioned works or in cooperation with various artists, who were influenced by Rubins exhibitions, that conceptually cover the category of surreal digital art. Although over time, there were enough weighty reasons for despair, the imaginary, conceptual scenography, was consistently built and upgraded, with the sole purpose of finding a way to capture and present the unimaginable. What where the primary acts of defiance, results in an impressive construct that craves for authentic recognition. The sphere of imaginary thus becomes a continuous artist’s reality, powered by the Immanent Spirit. Therefore, it is in the process of permanent metamorphosis.

The owner and operator of this website is Digital Artworks Association.

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