Fine Art Prints

A high-quality print is a true way of experiencing the art of the Digital Art Association. Prints are available in three different size categories; Small, Medium & Large.

1. The Large prints are limited edition high-quality UV resistant Canvas prints, that are signed and numbered. Shipped in a shipping tube with a certificate of authenticity. Large prints can be bought directly in our webshop, and ship within 2-3 weeks from purchase from Slovenia.

2. The Small/Medium prints are not signed or numbered, distributed by, and shipped from the United States. Scroll down to see the different options and if you have any questions about the medium or large prints please contact us directly.
Questions regarding the small prints are handled by [email protected] All prints, regardless of size are of the highest quality. Prices always include free worldwide shipping.

Small/Medium-Reproduction Print

Open Edition ( Not Signed )

High-quality Canvas prints, Acrylic art prints, or prints on matt cotton paper. Up to 60 cm (24 inches) on the long side. Open edition unsigned print are not numbered or signed. Prints are handled and distributed by INPRNT and shipped from the USA. Price includes worldwide shipping. Follow the link below to see available prints and place an order. For questions regarding the small/medium prints: [email protected]

Price: 25 – 140 USD

Large Reproduction prints

( UV*Prints on art canvas)  * UV resistant.

Up to 100 cm (39 inches) wide. Signed and numbered on UV* art Canvas. Shipped in a robust shipping tube, with a certificate of authenticity. Price includes worldwide shipping. Limited edition prints are handled and distributed by Digital Art Association and available in our webshop. Most major payment cards are accepted, secure payments through Stripe and PayPal.

Price: 200 – 260 USD

Digital Downloads

  • Image resolution: up to 6000 pixels (long side) – 10.000 pix when custom order.
  • (For custom orders, fill out the form below).                                    

Notification for visitors

  • Digital Art Association does not receive any funds from the state and is largely dependent upon generous donations and support from Donors. Any financial assistance is a valuable contribution and support for the continuation of the work of Digital Artwork Assoc.
    Thank you!
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