Surreal Paintings

The space and time in which Rubins Surreal Art compositions in the form of narratives pictures, began to emerge, reaches far back in time, living only as a blurred memory. It was a period of incomprehensible fears, brave ideas, followed by fanatical idealism, which was often misunderstood or blocked by the society that was feed and powered out of Totalitarianism. Through Mixed Media paintings, artists like Rubins were gradually constructing their quest for inner freedom. Regarding the final product, categorized as Surrealistic mixed media paintings, there was a sense of reaching the final borders of spiritual worlds. All Rubins artworks are the result of a long, solitude and patient work. They will open the visitor to the artist imaginary, and deep contemplative perception of the world.

• Image formats: up to 100cm x 80cm (39 x 30 inch) Technique: Airbrush, Watercolor, Tempera, Collage
• Painting mediaHeavyweight handmade watercolor paper.
All Artworks, found on this website are available for download here, at NextGEN Gallery.

Creative Commons License Digital Artwork by Rubins Leonard is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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