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Collectors, Supporters and Buyers Info

Digital Artwork Assoc; does not receive any funds from the state and is largely dependent upon generous donations and support from Donors. Any financial assistance is a valuable contribution and support for the continuation of Rubins Digital Scenography under the sponsorship of Digital Artwork Assoc.

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This Wonderland

“Transience spreads before us as diversity which tantalizes and deceives. To conclude what the senses tell us, is neither real nor unreal; It is temporarily real; pragmatically real; a combination of truth and falsehood; apparently real, but fundamentally unreal.” (Monadic Media)

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Sphere of Imagination

Although Immanent is Omnipresent, it is not personal, neither is Transcendence. Each is an expression in time, space and motion of Cosmic Principle, which is Eternal and at rest. It exists beyond space and time. It knows and can be known and is the source, an ACME of Bliss (The Kingdom of the Gods)

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Relentless Quest

For the righteous man is a universal injustice, that IT is beyond good and evil, and IT leaves good people to their fate in the wicked world … “However men approach Me, even so do I welcome them, for the path men take from every side is Mine.” (Bhagavad Gita).

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the Pale-Blue Dot

Every Soul on this Planet has limitations. No Soul may ever reach beyond its spiritual boundaries … Beyond human sphere are spheres after spheres, connected with our Earth. The splendors of which man cannot conceive.

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A few words on Memento mori

Those who do not travel, who do not read, who do not listen to music, who do not find grace in themselves, die slowly. Those who slowly destroy their own self-esteem, who do not allow themselves to be helped, who spend days on end complaining about their bad luck, about the rain that never stops, die slowly.

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The Tree of Life – Digital collage

The Tree of Life is of incomprehensible and unimaginable high. Large enough to reach the N, E, S, and W cardinal directions of the Earth. High enough to reach the everlasting sky. The tip of each branch end in a point of light that connect all daydreaming souls. The roots connect every vital force on earth. The bark grows the names of everyone who has ever lived and will ever live… the Tree of Memoirs warns us all

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More about Rubins – Computer Generated Art

Regarding the final product – Rubins Surrealistic digital art and images, there is a sense of reaching the final borders of imaginary worlds. All artworks are the result of a long, solitude and patient work. They open us to the artist entirely personal, deep meditative perception of the world.

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The Power of Different Gods series

New artworks presented this year. Offered to a confused world, where anything is possible. The world in abundance of gadgets and information, providing only virtual experience. Trying to anchor a good purpose in a fertile ground. This wonderful world is mute in response.

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One Man uncommon confessions

The computer generated or digital art, hallowed by gods and human consciousness! Persistently, a new kind of art has been inhibiting our consciousness. Unlimited formative and colour possibilities, with texts and images in a single form, offer us a new world, a new view of images, graphics and the artist himself. This has been proven by Leonard Rubins many times.

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