The Falcon series - Digital Artworks

The 2014 International Festival of Falconry - Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Falcon series 2014 – Digital Artworks of Rubins Leonard, where made especially for the International exhibition on the Festival of Falconry 2014 – Abu Dhabi, UAE. Fine Art prints, printed on art canvas in various sizes up to 800 x 1000 mm, are now available for purchase!

The Festival programme includes the establishment of desert camps, a scientific conference, activities and cultural and art competitions that appeal to all interests and age groups. The programme also features specialised scientific, art, and cultural exhibitions and stunning folklore performances that reproduce the aspects of falconry tradition in the various societies in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Japan, China, Eastern Asia, and the United Sates.

The Tree of Life  – Falcon festival series I. II. II. IV. 

( all printable versions)

Author’s comment on the picture: The Tree of Life is of incomprehensible and unimaginable high. It is large enough to transcend the N, E, S, and W geographical directions of the Earth
High enough to reach the sky. The tip of each branch ends in a point of light that connects all dreaming souls. The roots connect countless vital forces on earth. In the bark of the tree are the blueprints of all who have ever lived. The tree of memories whispers to us about the timeless laws of the universe.

Leonard Rubins in his records and the creation of art, among other things, says: “The possibility of unforeseen incidents, although not endless. The only guide is the Self, which, in the process of creative work consumes peace and plenty … Recreate it, means to conquer new software vocabulary and recommendations of computer code. He does not improvise. It shows, however, the personal interpretation of digital worlds. In this fusion, Rubins is collaging lost particles into a new whole.

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