The TREE of LIFE - 2014 - 2018 Digital Art Series

The Reflection of Timelessness - the Earth as Cosmic Sphere

“In the Garden of Eden, there is a tree of life or the “Treasury of Souls” that produces all the souls that have ever existed or will ever exist. When the last soul descends out of the Guf, (the primordial being – co-equal in dimensions of our universe), the world will come to an end… ” (Treasury of Souls)

The Tree of Life  – Tree of Souls

The tree of life represents the afterlife and the connection between the earth and heaven. The bond and affection to trees is so deep that natives believe the giant trees are their ancestors, gatekeepers to the otherworld. As such, the tree of life is sacred.

The Tree of Life  – Falcon festival series ( all the printable versions)

About the pictures: The Tree of Life is of incomprehensible and unimaginable high. It is large enough to transcend the N, E, S, and W geographical directions of the Earth. High enough to reach the sphere of endless sky. The tip of each branch ends in a point of light that connects all dreaming souls, and the roots connect countless vital forces of the earth. In the bark of the giant tree are the blueprints of all who have ever lived. The giant tree of memories, whispers to us all, about the timeless laws of the Universe.

The Festival of Falconry 2014 – Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Falcon series 2014 – Digital Artworks by Rubins Leonard, were made especially for the International exhibition – the Festival of Falconry 2014 – Abu Dhabi, UAE. Fine Art prints, printed on art canvas in various sizes up to 800 x 1000 mm, are now available for purchase!
The Festival program includes the establishment of desert camps, a scientific conference, activities, and cultural and art competitions that appeal to all interests and age groups. The program also features specialized scientific, art, and cultural exhibitions and stunning folklore performances that reproduce the aspects of falconry tradition in the various societies in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Japan, China, Eastern Asia, and the United States.

Is There Anybody Out There?

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