Art of Leonard Rubins

The Power of Different Gods - series I. - II.
Do-you- have-Vision-II
Power of different Gods II

New Digital Collages launched this month. It is an upgrade from Rubins old mixed media paintings. No, I don’t have any vision of my own at the moment. I’m ” tangled up in Blue”, too frequently. It is just recreation. I know, I am good in what I do! It’s living between permanent sense of people ignorance, that makes me desperate. Where things are often vague, doubtful or too complicated, I have trouble to survive. It’s this chaotic period of modern times, where anything is possible and hope for fame deceptive lies at every step. Where too much of toys and gadgets are in circulation, ordinary man good purposes have no fertile ground. This magnificent world remains mute …
My experience… through eyes of flat illusions. My surroundings… full of daily routine, tinkering and repetition? How to find the way to people with similar interests. Who will be interested to see Rubins willingness and wrongness. A prisoner of his own protection. A prisoner of the  Lost Heart.  Leonard Rubins, please, get serious…Yahoo!

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