Digital Scenography

The concept of Digital Scenography was implemented in some of the commissioned works or in cooperation with various artists, who were influenced by the work of Digital Art Association, which conceptually covers the category of Surreal art. Digital scenography encompasses assemblings of Prominence, Glittering Temptation, Excitement, and Glamour. The unusual pursuit of imaginary reproductions of the Immanent, through environmental, esoteric, and erotic engagement.  Here, the core concept of digital scenography begins to clarify. Although over time, there were enough weighty reasons for despair, the imaginary, conceptual scenography, was consistently built and upgraded, with the sole purpose of finding a way to capture and present the unimaginable. What where the primary acts of defiance, results in an impressive construct that craves for authentic recognition. The sphere of imaginary thus becomes a continuous artist’s reality, powered by the Immanent Spirit. Therefore, it is in the process of permanent metamorphosis.

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• Image format: Print size up to 100cm x 80cm (39 x 30 inch)
Technique:  Digital art
• Print option: UV* Print on Canvas (* UV resistant.)
• Download option: up to 10.000 pixels long side.
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