Surreal Paintings

Surrealistic paintings are a unique blend of imaginary realism and surrealism, and a mixture of ideologically experimental approaches. The density and intensity of the story scenes are like living, growing tissue, which is dictated by the artist’s vision. Celestial landscapes and symbols are either in the turbulent circles, the energy centers or, conversely, expand and grow outward. The majority of paintings are the result of long, solitude, and patient work. They will bring visitors closer to the community of deep contemplative perceptions of the world.

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All preview images are cropped.

• Image format: Original paintings – size up to 100cm x 80cm (39 x 30 inch)
Technique: Tempera
• Print option: UV* Print on Canvas (* UV resistant.)
• Download option: up to 10.000 pixels long side.
Some of the original paintings are SOLD.
All works on this page are available in download gallery

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