The Manifesto of Digital Art Association

Even though we avoid status of the association on the physical location, we are nevertheless no imaginary theorization. We dare to evade time, despise the transience, and emphasize the perpetual contemporaneity of the Immanent, Omnipresent Spirit, to which, all space and time events in this world, are submerged.

The Oasis for Adoration and Endorsement of Digital Art

The Manifesto od digitalArt association

The Bygone Days

The beginning of our activism belongs to the Terra Vayú, afterward renamed Abbildungen Varieté. A group of artists, exploring the area of Modern Expressionism, Surrealism, Synthesizers, and  Ritualistic Music, back in the eighties. Abbildungen Varieté was the second important name in the Yugoslav/Slovenian alternative scene besides Laibach. The early multimedia works were triggered by reactions to many weird spiritual and political events in the past decades.

About Digital Art Association activism

We were in no way non-visible; non-existing; non-active. On the contrary, we were, as far as artistic expression concerned, constantly present, for decades. Although we were quite obsessed with the presence of fear and illusions of separation, numerous studio music works and surrealist paintings have emerged in solitude, as a quest to find some kind of safe oasis to anchor the creative force.

Digital Art Association was established gradually. As technology evolved, we evolved. Step by step soon after Slovenian independence, we participated in a series of conceptual ritual music performances and painting exhibitions, between 1983 and 2002.

In the meantime, the remaining members have become perfectly consistent, homogeneous organisms. “A coherent symbiosis of durable earth tissues, coated with the finest, subtle fibers of the Creation”. For decades, we are relying on human goodwill, while pursuing our quest; standing behind environmental activism, surreal art, and the struggle for inner peace. Traceable under domains:;;;;
Digital Art Association may be camouflaged or invisible, but it’s immersed in their artworks, which should gain a life of its own, independently of the artists. Authentic art is intended to outlast time and address the public on behalf of the artists.

Even though the Digital Art Association avoids the status of the association on physical location, it is nevertheless no imaginary or visionary theorization. First of all, we emphasize great importance to Imaginary Realism and Transcendent. We dare to evade time, despise the transience, and emphasize the perpetual contemporaneity – powered by the Immanent Transcendent Spirit–the Omnipresent, a.k.a. “the Ultimate Dreamer”- to which, all space and time events or incidents on this world, are submerged. 

Digital Art Association is a reflection and response of modern space and time, to relentless frequencies produced by the electrified digital world, as it is totally and unavoidably, captured and embedded in the global nexus. The outcome and consequences are visible with the vital support of well-optimized hardware and its renderings.

Metacreation versus Contemporaneity

The extreme saturation period of the present time is our mirror, by using digital medium, where the concept and symbolism can be interwoven to the incomprehensible immanent activity of “the Ultimate Dream Weaver”. Although we adore powerful workstations, we prefer to be recognized, as promoters of the caretaking, for the remaining ecosystems. Consequently, we reflect deeply on the subject of the tenuous and fragile future of the world’s ancient deep green forests, which should never become the object of trade to mankind.

We are involuntarily trapped in an unpredictable phenomenon of the relentless “connectedness” in the form of digital communication, which is so trivial, and only a pale mirage of reality, as it should be.  Consequently, we are remaining asocial, rather than active followers of modern society rites, but certainly, we are not eccentric. We uncompromisingly style our dreams from which we draw inspiration. We adore being the bohemians of digital surrealism and modern art aberration. In this quest for a tribute, we believe that all events in time are not preobtained, but probabilities, consequently, our future remains unregistered, unrecorded, and imaginary.

Today’s members have found a safe haven at the Austrian Art AssociationDigital Art Association doesn’t exist solely for its own purpose. We appreciate all sympathizers, although we will never know them, just as we adore our Earth and the imaginary world equally, and never possess it. Rejoice! Luxuriate! Append! Yet, Outgrow and Transcend.
We pledge allegiance to the Immanent – Omnipresent – Transcendent Spirit and to the Imagination of Mankind…


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“Every dream is a present fact in the eternal consciousness of the Immanent Omnipresent Spirit”

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