The Manifesto of ∴ Imaginary

Through the Immanent ∞ Omnipresent Scenography of the Universe


Dreamweaver Deliberations on the subject of Surrealism, Meta-creation, and Inspiration
within Transcendent Afterglow


The credo of Imaginary is primarily based on the act of pursuing the superior reality of innumerable forms and associations, normally neglected, for they are illusory. With the omnipotence of dreams, that involuntary play of imagination,  we are periodically inspired to ignore the physical form and upgrade these associations with Astral constructs and shapes. The emerging scenario can be captured from the crannies in dreams, or through the transmission process from some mystical soul in the state of transcendence. This overshadowing can cause anything it wants in the mind of a dreamer. The intention to explain the significance of transmitted content, is ambivalent, as life in death is. It can only be experienced and expressed through a creative process.

On the other hand, thousands of sacred scriptures and pathways to the prescribed and ready-made Truth, find their followers and fanatics. By utilizing the lies, indulgence, assumption, make beliefs, rumors, superstition, conspiracy theories, and quasi-new age philosophy. Until the imaginary turns into an obscure construct or babbling gibberish. Consequently, it is spread into various fields of activity, making the impression of repositioning life somewhere — forward?


The reflection of timelessness in an era of extreme aberrations. A cry-out communication with the vanishing world. It is the why and how of artist externalization, that will be subject to the forces of degradation and decay, hardware incompatibility; eventually, be subjected to destruction by the barbarians. In one distant day, these artworks will be inevitably depreciated and disintegrated into digital dust.

Better it remains perfect in Immanent as Imaginary? The immutable and ideal state of imaginary art is; as a powerful mind concept only; before it manifests into criticism and mockery of the transience beings. Regarding the concept, it means, the creation is primarily manifested on a higher level.

The Origin of imaginary art may also relate to entoptic imagery, generated by altered states of consciousness. Therefore, it can be assumed that makers are the Custodians of  Parallel Spheres, rather than active members of modern society and its rites. They are striving hard to mark the message, authentic, updated and last but not least, socially critical. Whatever the response of the world is, they remain stoical. But what will it make you believe?


The Sphere of Imaginary Scenography encompasses assemblings of joyfulness, hopefulness, and hopelessness of a transient man in a tantalizing and deceiving world, full of potential force. Scenography, inspired and composed of captured glimpses is used metaphorically and refers to an uncommon sense of beauty, that seems to be impossible to attain.

Computer-generated assembly of Digital Artwork Association might be challenging for today’s audience, because of their obscure imagination as compared to the existing guidelines of Surrealism. The content is interwoven with deep symbolic meaning and mixes in an unusual way.

Out of the compendium of Earth-Energy – Akasha – Records, the core concept of the scenography, begins to clarify. Resulting in images of a multi-dimensional sphere, and fantastic surfaces. “A  black hole of meta-creation? Aberration of the Astral voyage; Transcendent Afterglow; Phosphenes”.

It shakes the mortal being — lost among all this inconceivable greatness to the very core, and it causes chaos. But it helps!


Although initially non-visible to the public, the imaginary still exists, as surely as Immanent Consciousness itself exists.  Regarding the final constructs, there is a sense of appreciation to fiction which is deeply encoded and is expanding beyond the individual universe. The past of imaginary storylines was recorded far back in a time of the invisible man on the sky, existing only as a blurred memory.  A time of incomprehensible fears, followed by adoration of fake idols and idealism. Gone they are, swept away, for the reasons long forgotten. Though past is essential for the comprehension of what the future holds, today’s modern society mainly feeds on alluring beauty of consumerism and glamour, which doesn’t contribute anything to the prosperity of the human spirit.

In conclusion, imaginary artist cognition rests in a strong affection for the world on the other side; in the Spheres of the Ultimate Dreamer’s dream, beyond boundaries of known and secure. From here a diligent creation is outpouring, as a result of a courageous quest


Pralaya – Manvantara Alpha&Omega of the Creation and Dissolution – Perpetuum of the Ultimate Dreamer. The Only, Unique, Inimitable Creative Force behind the externalization of the imagination… 

Every Soul on this Planet has its limitations. No Soul may ever reach beyond its spiritual boundaries… Though, beyond the human sphere are spheres after spheres, connected with our Earth. The splendors of which man cannot conceive. And there are likewise many spheres around the other planets of our system – and there are millions of other worlds – and there are systems of Universes just as there are systems of planets – and then greater groups of these systems – and so on – greater and magnificent, beyond the ability of man to imagine – on and on, higher and higher to inconceivable depths. An infinity of worlds around us. Our world and our planetary chain and our system of Suns, and systems of Solar systems are but as tiny sparks within endless universe…

Lost among all this inconceivable greatness is the small mortal man, at the same time, he is the most precious – a Living Soul and cannot be lost or destroyed – as a part of it all – eternal. And beyond all of this in the center of it all …THE∞ABSOLUTE …

 » It has to be seen to be believed «

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