All the Power belongs to the Immanent - Omnipresent - Transcendent Spirit

… and Imagination of the Mankind …

Digital Art Association is a contemporaneous movement. We were, as far as artistic expression is concerned, present for decades. The association may be occasionally camouflaged and virtual, but it’s immersed in the artworks, which hopefully will gain existence of its own, outlast time, and address the public on behalf of the artists. Today’s association doesn’t exist solely for its own purpose. We are aware of today’s relentless “connectedness” of humanity in the form of trivial digital communication, which is but a mirage of true life. Consequently, we remain stoic, rather than active adherents of the modern society rites, but certainly not eccentric. For decades, we have relied on human goodwill, while pursuing our quest. Under the continuous prevalence of idiocracy, we stand behind the sustainable equilibrium…
Our activism is well represented through:,,
The remaining members have found a safe haven at the Austrian Art Association

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Membership is obtained by your creative contribution request, donation, or purchasing of the products of Digital Art Association,  You are welcome to creative contributions in the form of your digital art and/or articles. After reviewing the content, we provide our members with editorial access and sell art through our shop.

“Every dream is a present fact in the eternal consciousness of the Immanent Omnipresent Spirit”

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