Uncommon confessions of the ordinary Man

Thoughts on Deep Green Forests. A planet, covered with islands of Light. Searching for alternative

You’ve been entering through the doors of the unknown and the inconceivable, and above all the man’s own unknown existence. To be a man, as part of the divine scheme, to have a divine touch – that is the desire and the need of anyone who sees your images.

I’m finished with displays of transitory actions. A monologue cannot bring life into a yearning heart. The answer lies somewhere out there, in the real world. It dwells with unknown people and friends, which I’ve been addressing and looking for through my images.

The present time could be a mirror image of the renaissance,  as the time of innovation and rapid progress. Technology has been presenting us with completely new expressive methods, views and dreams as well. Isn’t your images yelling? Isn’t your images the eyes of the future?

New things are coming. They always have been and always will, that’s inevitable. Today, time is passing faster, I suppose. I strongly feel all earthly material things, voluntarily harnessed into the vision of eternity. As each new day passes and stars light up the sky, every day my images awake. I’m a dream weaver linked to the computer. I’m extremely interested in all that’s out of the ordinary and special in its own unique way. But all new things are just not inspiring. Some are terrible. I believe in the harmony of “gods of technology”, human inventiveness, and artistic courage.

Leonard Rubins is offering us a hand, a memory of spiritual experience and dreams of the universal light. You’re a very daring person and you know, the future is on your side. Have you found peace through your art?

My Soul knows no peace. I would very much like to be the person I’ve not been able to be – yet! So, I’ve been addressing myself and others with my art? One wise man once said, that our true peace is not of this world, and the matrix of our universe has not been scheming with its own creation. The “IT” is my life and death in one. The greatness of the Creator is eternal and untouchable. “Gloria Dei intacta est“. I am living by some find “the formula”: “Gloria Deo, et in Domino inferi, et in Terra Vita hominibus” and “Om Shanti, Shanti“.


The computer-generated or digital art, hallowed by gods of human creativity! Persistently, a new kind of art has been inhibiting our consciousness. Unlimited formative and color possibilities, offering us a new world, a new view of images, graphics, and the artist himself. This has been proven by Leonard Rubins many times.

Art can be almost anything: a word, an image, a concept; art as living and being here and now! Which element of your work represents the “I Am” and which element represents the “Creator or the Father-Mother aspect”?

The man exists and is, therefore, the Creator in his constant emerging. And I, the human, am constantly declaring this. I create what I am. The final product, I, and the image born out of the darkness and the light of my consciousness is merely an atom of inner visions. From idea to composition, from the Sun and light to Darkness and emptiness. All elements of nature tell me stories and reflect on me. It gives me strength and transforms it into art. In this act, I pass away and am reborn in some new creation, constantly.

Your project has many websites, with many sections. One of them includes a section for the mysterious comprehension of the Creator. www.imaginaryart.org. You’ve been living in the real world, though. Wrapped in the leaves of colors and mystique, the never completely understandable divine plan. What has Leonard Rubins found for his own life through his art?

There’s no finding sense in living if you’re afraid to look into the darkness and transitiveness. There’s no finding sense in living as if you’re not worthy of the light and freedom. The gates of liberation, are closed to a man of empty hands and cold hearts. And there’s no way to true inner peace until we learn. I’ve been timelessly capturing the extent of my own desires by wanting to spread my wings, to rise high. Thus, somehow, I find the meaning and take the way of the Light. And in spite of it all, I’m merely an extraordinary expression of an ordinary man. Almost like everyone else.

Besides telling stories with your art, you’ve also been working on “a book of Life” The essence of your work is equally effective there.

An idealist,  dreaming of deep green forests! A planet, covered with the islands of Light. Life always has and always will find its way of expression. Some way or the other. We must respect that. Somewhere each living soul turns everything over and becomes a part of the whole.

Are you driven by the thoughts of a better world and brighter future?

Yes and no! That’s everyone’s ideal. Yet, I wonder what I would do, to have a bag full of dollars, to experience the Great Southern lands of Moorea. Still, my life is fulfilled, when passing through dark forests or climbing on steep cliffs, coming in touch with all sorts of nature spirits and ghosts, yearningly. Searching for the alternative, day by day, by the warm embrace of the life on our planet.

Thank you for your answers, Leonard Rubins. Let our planet be a nice home to all the admirers of your art, but above all, let it fulfill your great desires! 

Interviewer: Sonja Koranter, writer, novelist, and poet.


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