Computer Generated Art

Regarding the final product – Rubins Surrealistic images, there is a sense of reaching the final borders of imaginary worlds.

Digital Art & technology as inevitable fact in all spheres of human life, intensive intervention in the Fine Arts. Artists are increasingly exploiting medium in itself or as a tool for the creation of artistic objects, which can still be termed with traditional expressions of paintings, drawings, graphics and add prefix of a computer. When artist thoroughly familiar with software, can lead us to a wide variety of expressive forms. Sometimes artworks clearly reveal features which is possible only with the help of digital media. On the other hand, its language and aesthetics, and sometimes the interventions are so subtle, that without access to the procedure, it is hard to defined as a computer artwork.

rubins computer art

The density and intensity of the story scenes is like living, growing tissue, which is dictated by the internally experienced fantasy. Cosmic and Terrestrial landscapes, symbols and popular icons … are either in the turbulent circles, the energy centers or, conversely, expand and grow outward. Allegorically intimate stories appear in many levels of composition in which, the mixing of Rational and Irrational, past and present, elements of myth, fairy tales, history, fiction, prevails.

rubins computer art

The digital platform enables a wide use of manufacturing artworks. Allows to artist of the original work, reproducing of identical copies, of the same quality in various forms and spreading the artworks cross the world. When manual traditional painting approach is replaced by a computer it comes to a new techniques and procedures, which include 3D graphics, collage, installation, photography, airbrush. Regarding the final product – Rubins Surrealistic images, there is a sense of reaching the final borders of imaginary worlds.

rubins computer art

Leonard Rubins exhibitions represent computer graphics, or components in the form of limited edition digital prints, of large sizes and with original paintings, created in the technique of watercolors and airbrushed. This work is manifested as a unique blend of art techniques and media of the artist’s personal world. Rubins stems from a concept of art, which brings together the technological aspect of the expressive-imaginative surrealism and the analytically-experimental approach. All artworks are the result of a long, solitude and patient work. Enthusiasm for the process is condensed into permanent images, which are saturated with the fine arts and narrative elements. They open us to the artist entirely personal, deep meditative perception of the world.

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