I am ∴ the Inherent Force of the Pale Blue ∴ Dot.

The Only, Unique and Inimitable Consciousness behind the Externalization of Imagination

α | Matter ∼ the Vehicle for the manifestation of the Soul on this level of existence. EARTH.
Θ | The Soul ∼ the higher Sphere. Vehicle for the manifestation of the SPIRIT.
Ω | A trinity synthesized ∼ by the Immanent ∞ Omnipresent Spirit of Life, which pervades them all.


For All of Us and Everyone Else ↔ Power to the imagination, for It has manifested everything that is.

Your Wish is Your Command.

Pralaya ∞ Manvantara α&Ω of Creation and Dissolution ∞ Perpetuum of the Ultimate Dreamer

Every Soul on this Planet has limitations. No Soul may ever reach beyond its spiritual boundaries … Beyond human sphere are spheres after spheres, connected with our Earth. The splendors of which man cannot conceive. And there are likewise many spheres around the other planets of our system – and there are millions of other worlds – and there are systems of universes just as there are systems of planets – and then greater groups of these systems – and so on – greater and magnificent, beyond the ability of man to imagine – on and on, higher and higher to inconceivable heights. An infinity of worlds before us. Our world and our planetary chain and our system of Suns, and our systems of solar systems, are but as tiny sparks within endless universe … Lost among all this inconceivable greatness is the small mortal man, at the same time, he is the most precious – a Living Soul and cannot be lost or destroyed – as a part of it all – eternal. And beyond all of this in the center of it all … THE ABSOLUTE ∞

W. W. Atkinson

Is There Anybody Out There?

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